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Why Choose The Tree Pro

Because you want the best value for money!
The Tree Pro is honest, fair, and provides courteous professionalism you expect from anyone working in your home.

  • CONSULTATION – We explain the work that’s being done and why.
  • GUARANTEED – 100% customer satisfaction
  • TREE HEALTH – Tree’s cut so that they look and stay healthy.
  • SRAYED WOUNDS – We spray each wound immediately after we cut.
  • CLEAN WORK – We thoroughly clean up after each job.
  • UNOBTRUSIVE – We work as quietly and efficiently as possible, using hand saws when necessary to reduce unnecessary noise.
  • TRUSTED – We are trusted by your neighbors and have lots of referrals.
  • REACH – We climb into the tree’s to reach deadwood and branches touching roof tops.

What separates the Tree Pro from other Tree Service Companies is that when you deal with The Tree Pro you are guaranteed that you get one on one time with the professional who is cutting your trees.

The Tree Pro’s crew is for working from the ground assisting in clean up and hauling. 99% of all jobs it is the owner of the company making the cuts to the trees.

How I came to loving the outdoors, and what I know about Trees and grounds maintenance.

Although we had many tasks, mine was to maintain all the trees around the camp sites. Here I received my training by a certified Arborist and have over 600 hours experience maintaining the large trees around the camp sites as well as other grounds related tasks. I also have experience running and operating heavy equipment and tasks related to working with a team and supervising.


I can sincerely say that I do this because I have a passion for Trees.

Almost nothing is more beautiful than these majestic oaks in Texas and I can’t help but seeing them for what I know they could look like…Art. “I believe that trimming trees requires more than just the right tools and skills but someone who is good has to think like an Artist”.

Another thing that I have a passion for is quality gas powered tools. “I admit that I think there isn’t much that can make a man feel more manly than holding a quality chain saw”.

Many people may not be aware that Texas is home to some of the most beautiful retreat and camping areas in the nation. One in particular is Camp Eagle.

Camp Eagle is a Christian Camp with over 2400 acres of rugged Texas Hill Country. It’s located 2 hours west of San Antonio past Kerville Tx. It was at this majestic place in the summer of 2014 where I worked 10-12 hrs, 6 days a week doing outdoor maintenance.

Austin-James Castanon
Owner, CEO

Passion for Trees, Art, Small Engines and Hard Work.

I have a passion for trees. I love what I do! There’s nothing more exhilarating than the ability to work outdoors up in the trees making art and getting paid for honest hard work.

Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.

I am currently a college student majoring in construction management, and have been successfully running my business specializing in residential Tree Trimming Services.

Prior to starting my own company I was working at Lowes. Lowe’s was like working at the Toy Store…”not really working”. It was a fun and a great place to work.  My position was in the Seasonal Department where you would often find me demonstrating the qualities and virtues of my favorite toys found in gas powered tools. And my personal favorite at the time was Husqvarna.  Since I left Lowes and worked at my own company I have slowly transitioned into the professional tools of choice …Stihl.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful!

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