Tree Trimming

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Palm Tree Trimming

Appropriate pruning techniques are essential for development of strong structure.

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Pressure Washing

Save hours of time and get superior results. We are also SAWS certified.

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Professional Tree Trimming Service – San Antonio

The Tree Pro provides San Antonio with expert tree trimming services.  All of our pruning equipment is sanitized and we spray our wounds immediately after each cut.

A young oak tree should be pruned to develop a strong central leader.Lateral, wide spreading branches give oak trees their strength and broad crown. A young oak tree should be pruned to develop a strong central leader. Mature and developing trees should be pruned to remove dead or broken branches. Tree pruning helps promote healthy growth and structural integrity.

The Tree Pro is equipped with the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to keep your oak trees healthy, beautiful and safe. Contact us today for information on tree pruning or any of our other oak tree care services (210) 241-6217.

Let’s Make Something Beautiful!

Tree trimming is one of the most dangerous tasks that can be performed on your property This is the main reason to hire a professional tree care company like The Tree Pro. Call today to schedule or get a quote today! (210) 241-6217

Power Washing Services

While making exterior surfaces look like new, a good, thorough pressure wash can reduce wear and tear by removing the dirt, mold, algae, chalk, insects and weeds that break down and cause damage to wood and masonry, and degrade protective paint and stain.

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We Use High Quality Tools and Sharpen Our Blades

Sharpened blades is not just for our efficiency but it also ensures your trees will not suffer any jagged cuts or unnecessary multiple cuts that can cause diseases – and we spray each wound immediately.

Maintaining Healthy Trees

As home owners with mature trees regular tree trimming is important in protecting property values as well as promoting overall tree health.

Maintaining Healthy and Beautiful Trees

Why you should hire a professional

Among all the regular maintenance tasks related to home ownership there is nothing as difficult or more dangerous than tree trimming. As home owners with mature trees regular tree trimming is important in protecting property values as well as promoting overall tree health. Residential property owners will often attempt tree trimming on their own before hiring basic tree care companies to handle tree trimming and tree removal.

It is vital to understand the very real dangers associated with this common property maintenance service. The U.S. Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries lists tree trimming as one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S. In addition, the Tree Care Industry Association reported a total of 47 tree care accidents in 2012 alone involving Do-It-Yourself civilian property owners, and 25 of those accidents were fatal.

For DIY tree trimmers, the main source of injury and death was when trees or major tree branches fell in unexpected directions. In nearly all the cases, the victims utilized little or no safety precautions and used chainsaws while perched precariously on a ladder, or did not wear safety harnesses, helmets or goggles. Of the tree care workers killed, 75% of the victims worked for tree care companies that did not have written safety procedures and policies in place.

Keeping your oak tree healthy means doing some occasional pruning to remove dead branches. Branches that may represent a safety hazard should also be removed. You can also prune an oak tree for purely aesthetic reasons to affect the shape and overall appearance of the tree.

Mature Trees need pruning about once a year

If its important for you as a home owner to have and keep a beautiful home then that means also maintaining your properties trees.

Trimming Trees away from Roofs

Its important for home owners to also remove branches that are touching and rubbing against roofs as this can cause significant roof damage over a short time.