We offer the Best Value for Professional Tree Service

The Tree Pro guarantees reasonable and competitive pricing. In fact we encourage home owners to receive multiple estimates from different companies. You will discover that our prices are generally on the lower end.

The Tree Pro’s prices are extremely steady and many of our customers trust our service. We are here for our customers to provide quality work, a quick response, at reasonable rates always. That is our goal!

If we come in at a higher rate and you can provide us with a written estimate from another reputable tree service company we ask that you give a chance to beat or match it.

How do we come up with our prices?

Tree work is pretty simple to price, yet at the same time there are many factors.  The jobs are estimated by the equipment and personnel needed, and by determining the number of hours it will take to complete a job.  Factors include tree location, distance, objects and structures below, lawn, shrubbery, and landscape below, patios below, etc.  The limbs for removal or pruning have to be roped down to avoid damage.

What you can expect to pay for tree service

According to Angie’s List – members who had similar tree pruning work done reported paying an average price of about $450, with a general range of roughly $375 to $525. Expect to pay more for trimming medium and large trees. ›› See Article

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